Anglais Atlas of vertebrates ; from their origins to today (édition en anglais)


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This atlas offers a wide selection of fossil vertebrates and corresponding extant representatives, tracing probable connections from their origins to the present day. Each plate of illustrations guides us progressively through the temporal changes that have engendered all existing vertebrate forms.

The evolutionary links highlighted in this book reflect an evolutionary path of over 500 million years, from the ancestor common to all vertebrates - a tiny jawless fish - to both its fossilized and living legacy today. This unique pedagogical document is essential for understanding animal evolution in general and vertebrates in particular.


The genealogical tree of life.
Fish and their emergence from water.
Sharks, rays and chimeras.
Diversification of bony fish.
The first reptiles.
The flight of reptiles.
Terrestrial dinosaurs.
The return of the reptiles to water.
The flight of feathered dinosaurs.
The diversification of reptiles.
Early mammals.
Elephants and sea cows.
The tribe of bipedal primates.
Ungulates and cetaceans.
The main phases of extinction.

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