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This VAT intra-Community Guide is destined, not only to company directors and managers but to anyone involved in business transactions with or within the European Union.
Sales directors, accounting departments, tax advisors, tax managers and businesses, big or small, will find it to be an invaluable tool when confronted with treating VAT related matters. Whatever your company's activity, if it is involved in doing business within the European Union, this VAT intra-Community Guide will supply concise and comprehensible answers to the numerous questions that will undoubtedly arise with regards to the optimal treatment of VAT requirements and formalities.
With the inclusion of ten new Member States in the European Unions single market on May 1st 2004, this English version of the VAT intra-Community Guide becomes a vital source of reference for ail the commercial actors of the intra-Community scene. It describes and simplifies thé various and différent trade transactions (intra-Community deliveries and acquisitions, transfers, distance sales, new means of transports, assembly, second-hand goods, etc.
) and gives step by step practical instructions on filling out and filing VAT returns (INTRASTAT/DEB : what lines to fill out, what information to include. ). The VAT intra-Community Guide also includes specific case examples as well as pertinent advice from the authors, experts in the field of VAT and familiar with the complex cules, régulations and formalities of this tax regime. The reader will fend models of the various forms presently in use in the different Member States as weil as other essential and useful documentation.
Forms pertaining to VAT formalities implemented within the new Member States will also be provided on the internet site www. editions-delmas. com as they become available.

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