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  • En plus de 200 images dont de nombreuses inédites, ce livre rassemble toutes les séries photo réalisées par le grand Terry O'Neill sur David Bowie. Sessions d'enregistrement pour Young Americans, portrait en studio pour Diamond Dogs, dernière performance en Ziggy Stardust, concert mythique au Marquee, mais aussi moments hors scènes, coulisses, tournages : ce livre rassemble tous les moments forts saisis par O'Neill au cours de leurs nombreuses années de collaboration.

  • Ce livre constitue une ressource visuelle sur les tatouages de petit format avec 1000 exemples contemporains représentatifs des différents styles au goût du jour. Ils sont classés par sujets ou motifs.

  • Orla Kiely a ouvert ses archives pour nous faire découvrir sa vie, passée à inventer de nouveaux motifs. De son plus ancien et plus connu, « Stem », à l'évolution de ses designs accompagnant celle de la mode, de la déco et tous les champs de la création, Orla partage tout l'éventail des réalisations qu'elle a produites depuis la création de sa compagnie en 1995, célébrant la couleur avec une joie de vivre incomparable.

  • Forewords by Aurel Bacs and Jean-Claude Biver. Rare Watches features more than fifty of the most unusual watches in the world, including incredible one-off models and collector's editions. From watches that have set new records in auction houses, to feats of modern technology and engineering, via iconic models worn by figures such as Elvis and James Bond, this book appeals to professionals, collectors and amateurs alike. The photography in this book was organized in collaboration with Christie's auction house, displaying some of the rarest, most expensive and sought-after watches in the world.

  • Terry O'Neill is one of the world's most collected photographers with work hanging in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. From presidents to pop stars, he has photographed the frontline of fame for more than six decades.

    O'Neill began his career at the birth of the 1960s. While other photographers concentrated on earthquakes, wars and politics, O'Neill realised that youth culture was a breaking news story on a global scale and began chronicling the emerging faces of film, fashion and music who would go on to define the Swinging Sixties. By 1965 he was being commissioned by the biggest magazines and newspapers in the world.
    No other living photographer has embraced the span of fame, capturing the icons of our age from Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Amy Winehouse, from Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to Nicole Kidman, as well as every James Bond from Sean C onnery to Daniel Craig. He photographed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they were still struggling young bands in 1963, pioneered backstage reportage photography with David Bowie, Elton John, The Who, Eric Clapton and Chuck Berry and his images have adorned historic rock albums, movie posters and international magazine covers.

  • Siècle majeur de transformations, le 19e siècle voit le paysage nocturne évoluer radicalement avec l'apparition de l'éclairage artificiel. Longtemps obscure, la nuit urbaine s'illumine progressivement, se parant d'ambiances plus variées. Jeux d'ombres et de lumières, effets de clair-obscur et de contre-jour, premières publicités au néon... un nouvel éventail d'expériences visuelles apparaît, teinté d'une magie et d'une poésie propres au monde de la nuit. Entre fascination, admiration, curiosité et nostalgie, ces métamorphoses nocturnes marquent fortement les artistes. Partout en Europe, peintres, graveurs, photographes, les plus ouverts aux manifestations de la modernité, en font un sujet de prédilection. Avec Nuits électriques, le MuMa - Musée d'art moderne André Malraux au'Havre, explore pour la première fois cette question de la perception de l'éclairage artificiel urbain par les artistes, de la seconde moitié du 19e' siècle à la veille de la Première Guerre mondiale.

  • 'Engaging and insightful.' Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix 'Charming, fascinating and very funny. Marc Randolph demystifies the world of Silicon Valley start-ups, and makes you laugh a lot along the way.' Decca Aitkenhead, The Sunday Times 'A charming first-person account of the early days of one of the most successful tech start-ups ever.' The Washington Post Once upon a time, brick-and-mortar video stores were king. Late fees were ubiquitous, video-streaming unheard of, and DVD adoption seemed as imminent as flying cars. These were the widely accepted laws of the land in 1997 when Marc Randolph had an idea. It was a simple thought - leveraging the internet to rent movies - and was just one of many more proposals, like personalised baseball bats, that Randolph would pitch to his business partner, Reed Hastings. But Hastings was intrigued, and the pair - with Hastings as the primary investor and Randolph as the CEO - founded a company. Now with over 150 million subscribers, Netflix's triumph feels inevitable but the twenty-first century's most disruptive start-up began with few believers and calamity at every turn. Marc Randolph's transformational journey exemplifies how anyone with grit and determination can change the world - even with an idea that many think will never work. What emerges, however, isn't just the inside story of one of the world's most iconic companies. Full of counter-intuitive concepts and written in binge-worthy prose, it answers some of our most fundamental questions about taking that leap of faith in life: How do you begin? How do you weather disappointment and failure? What is success? From idea generation to team building to knowing when to let go, That Will Never Work is one of the most dramatic and insightful entrepreneurial stories of our time.

  • *** THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER "I loved it. An amazing book." - Louis Theroux "A rip-roaring read. It left me breathless." - Chris Evans, Virgin Radio "Raw, savagely honest, as dramatic as any of his movies." - Mail on Sunday "A tremendous book - readable, funny and harrowing." - The Sunday Times "Riveting." - The New York Times "A fascinating exposure of Stone''s inner life and his powerful, all devouring energy and genius that drove him to become one of the world''s greatest filmmakers." - Sir Anthony Hopkins "... a Hollywood movie in itself." - Spike Lee Chasing the Light is Oliver Stone''s intimate and ground-breaking filmmaker''s memoir - and a razor-sharp insider''s tour of Hollywood during its 70s and 80s upheaval. With disarming honesty, he takes us from a childhood on New York''s Upper East Side through the combat zones of Vietnam, inside the clandestine worlds of Chinatown''s gang lords and Miami''s cocaine trade - and behind the glittering and often drug-addled Los Angeles movie society scene. And from Midnight Express through Scarface , and Salvador he discovers his own dogged determination, a marked rebellious streak and a drive to make controversial films that matter. How he strung together the realistic, radical and ultimately box office smash Platoon is in itself a 10-year adventure of financial intrigue, perseverance and near-death experiences that culminates in the depths of the Philippine jungle with Stone pushing himself, the crew and young cast almost beyond breaking point. Written fearlessly with intense detail and colour, this is what it''s like to make films on the edge.

  • Philippe De Gobert poursuit au Havre ce travail singulier et polymorphe qui le caractérise, entre architecture, sculpture, construction de maquettes et photographie. Mettant le monde en miniature et le reconstruisant de toutes pièces, il esquisse de la ville rebâtie par Auguste Perret un portrait plein de poésie, une sorte de double troublant de vraisemblance et réinvente l'histoire de sa renaissance.
    En préambule à ce "conte photographique", Philippe De Gobert nous invite à partager sa vision du "merveilleux en architecture" : "une approche ludique et poétique de l'architecture, avec ses maladresses et ses erreurs."

  • Les Parisiennes fascinent le monde entier par leur style nonchalant et décontracté, mais toujours élégant. Avec l'aide de Judith van den Hoek, dessinatrice de mode pour Elle, Hermes, Vogue ou encore Prada, la fashion coach Aloïs Guinut prodigue ses conseils et révèle ses adresses préférées pour ajouter un peu de chic parisien à son style.

  • When your heart is pumpkin for the one who holds the kiwi to your heart, let them know you clove them with this little book of upbeat and adorkable fruit puns. #callmemaypea About the series This cute and colourful series of fruit-pun-filled gift books are the perfect pick-me-ups for you, your friend or your partner in crime. Do you need to avocuddle, or are you grapeful for someone who's a bit of a melon? Then share the clove with these little books: AvoCuddle , WhataMelon , You are my Raisin for Living , Don't Give a Fig , I am Grapeful, You are 24 Carrot Gold . *veg, nuts and seeds are fair game

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  • If you know a pearfect numpty who needs a bit of sage advice, chia them up with this little book of upbeat and adorkable fruit puns. #youokalehun? About the series This cute and colourful series of fruit-pun-filled gift books are the perfect pick-me-ups for you, your friend or your partner in crime. Do you need to avocuddle, or are you grapeful for someone who's a bit of a melon? Then share the clove with these little books: AvoCuddle , WhataMelon , You are my Raisin for Living , Don't Give a Fig , I am Grapeful, You are 24 Carrot Gold . *veg, nuts and seeds are fair game

  • The Little Black Dress of cocktail books. From the archives of British Vogue , the classic cocktail book, for a new generation of discerning drinkers. Vogue Cocktails is a collection of recipes compiled by former British Vogue drinks aficionado and man-about-town, Henry McNulty. Taking inspiration from the cocktail culture of the 1930s, Vogue Cocktails contains 150 recipes organized by base spirit - Champagne, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum and Brandies & Other Spirits - to ensure a drink for every palate. The book also contains essential information on stocking your bar and mixing drinks, with jazz-age-inspired illustrations by Graham Palfrey-Rogers throughout.

  • Histoire architecturale et urbanistique de la commune de Sotteville-lès-Rouen, en Seine-Maritime, passée d´un simple village agricole au XIXe siècle à une ville de 30.000 habitants. L´ouvrage présente sa reconstruction, après 1945, par l´architecte Marcel Lods, disciple de la Charte d´Athènes, ainsi que les équipements dont elle a été dotée dans les années 1980 qui en font un fleuron culturel.

  • An unrelenting culinary force in her native land

  • 'Spending so much time outdoors in my childhood made me think of a garden as a natural extension of my home - an inseparable part of everyday life. It wasn't until I moved into a rented property in the city that I felt an undeniable urge to make the most of the little exterior space that we had and re-evaluate it. In time, creating outdoor spaces that people truly care for, no matter how small or large, became much more rewarding than perfecting any indoor space. Many say that a home is a true reflection of self, but I believe it is the garden, where personalities and relationships with our surroundings truly blossom.' - Ula Maria In Green, award-winning garden designer Ula Maria takes a fresh look at creating a garden in whatever available outdoor space you have - be it a roof terrace, balcony, small back yard or patio garden, rented or your own. Her approach is perfect for the first-time gardener as she explains the process of creating an inspirational mood board, taking ideas from travelling, interiors and social media as the starting point for an outdoor space that is a true reflection of self. Using low-maintenance plants and affordable furniture, lighting and containers, she offers simple solutions that don't involve major structural work but will quickly result in a stylish and hugely rewarding urban sanctuary. The book will be illustrated with photography by top gardening photographer, Jason Ingram.

  • De nouveaux horizons s'ouvrent aujourd'hui pour découvrir des vins de qualité ; à la Bourgogne, au Bordelais, à la vallée du Rhin s'ajoutent désormais l'Argentine, l'Australie, la Chine, le Canada, l'Inde et la Thaïlande, qui produisent aujourd'hui à des prix raisonnables. Ce guide constitue une aide indispensable pour se repérer dans la confusion des cépages. A chaque vin sa notice, toujours rédigée par un spécialiste reconnu pour choisir entre Chardonnay et Grenache : descriptions et notes de dégustation, suggestions d'associations prometteuses ou propositions de vins similaires. Le tout est accompagné d'images des caves et des vignobles.

  • From the expert behind the top-rated resource ChampagneGuide.net comes this groundbreaking guide to the modern wines of Champagne, presented in a stunning box set, complete with vintage maps in a pull-out drawer.

  • He must-have book for all wine enthusiasts and collectors, from the world's leading writer on wine, Hugh Johnson.

  • Un objet, une histoire, la Seine normande se dévoile. Différents passionnés du fleuve vous racontent ce territoire d'exception avec comme point de départ un objet des collections du musée. De l'Antiquité jusqu'à nos jours, le fleuve n'aura plus de secrets pour vous.

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "Incredibly evocative and compelling." - The Washington Post "The most moving and chilling oral history you will read." - The Times "Astonishing book about an astonishing, terrifying atrocity, relived in real time by those who were there. I read it in one sitting & was utterly gripped from start to finish." - Piers Morgan "The most vivid portrait of 9/11 I''ve ever read."- Mike Morell, former deputy director of the CIA ** Updated 20th Anniversary edition ** The Only Plane in the Sky is nothing less than the first comprehensive oral history of 9/11, drawing on transcripts, declassified documents and interviews from nearly 500 people. While there has been so much published about 9/11 over the last two decades, the most important book has been missing until now: a 360-degree account of the day told through the voices of the people who experienced it. In New York, first responders confront a scene of unimaginable chaos at the Twin Towers. From a secret bunker beneath the White House, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice watch for incoming planes on radar. In the offices of the Pentagon, top officials feel the violent tremor as their headquarters come under attack. Poignant and powerful, The Only Plane in the Sky captures the event that shocked the world from the people who lived it. Read the true stories of the father and son working on separate floors in the North Tower; the firefighter who rushes to the scene to search for his wife; the telephone operator who keeps her promise to share a passenger''s last words with his family; the chaplain who sacrifices his own life to perform last rites as the Twin Towers collapse; the teachers evacuating terrified children from schools mere blocks from the World Trade Center; the generals at the Pentagon who break down and weep when they are barred from rushing into the burning building to try and rescue their colleagues. All in their own words. The Only Plane in the Sky is a unique, profound, and searing exploration of humanity on a day that changed the course of history, and all of our lives, 20 years ago.

  • Le dixième numéro de la revue-collection annuelle qui rassemble écrits universitaires, entretiens avec des artistes, essais critiques et interventions d'artistes sous la forme d'insert.

    Avec / autour de Sara de Chiara, Rafael Corcostegui, Moyra Davey, Pierre Dulieu, Guillaume Dustan, Jana Euler, Sylvie Fanchon, Jim Fletcher, Alexander García Düttmann, Jeanne Graff, Gary Haller, Alex Hay, Martin Laborde, Daniel Lentz, Mina Loy, Liz Magor, Nick Mauss, Nicolas Moufarrege, Baptiste Pinteaux, Richard Rezac, Clément Roussier, Edith Schloss, Albert Serra, Pierre Thévenin, Belén Uriel, Charles Veyron, Robin Waart, Emily Wardill, Román Yñán.