Dave Goulson

  • Et si nos jardins constituaient la dernière arche, celle d'où pourra se reconstruire la vie ? Dans ce livre passionnant, qu'il est urgent de mettre entre toutes les mains, Dave Goulson nous montre comment, dans notre environnement ravagé par l'agriculture industrielle et les multiples pollutions engendrées par nos modes de vie, nous pouvons faire de nos jardins les espaces de survie de nombreuses espèces animales. Non pas hélas les lions, les pandas ou les baleines, mais ces centaines d'insectes, arachnides et tout petits mammifères auxquels notre propre survie en tant qu'espèce est inféodée. Pour cela, il importe de changer notre regard sur ceux que non seulement nous ne connaissons pas mais que nous considérons tout bonnement comme nuisibles ! Vers de terre, pince-oreilles, bourdons, papillons de nuit..., Dave Goulson passe en revue cette jungle avec laquelle nous vivons presque à notre insu et nous invite à ménager un refuge aux héroïques petites bêtes qui résistent à l'extinction. Une lecture essentielle pour quiconque possède un jardin et veut protéger la planète.

  • Autrefois très commun dans les marais du Kent, le Bombus subterraneus a disparu de Grande-Bretagne. Dave Goulson, fasciné par les bourdons depuis qu'il est petit garçon, s'est donné pour mission de réintroduire cette variété dans son pays natal.
    Véritable enquête autour de ces curieuses petites créatures annonciatrices du printemps, Ma fabuleuse aventure avec les bourdons raconte aussi avec humour et optimisme la relation très affectueuse de l'auteur certes avec les bourdons, mais aussi avec tout un tas d'autres êtres vivants.

  • An introduction to the small creatures that operate in British gardens with advice on how gardeners can help them to thrive.

  • A Sunday Times bestseller Shortlisted for the 2013 Samuel Johnson Prize Dave Goulson has always been obsessed with wildlife, from his childhood menagerie of exotic pets and dabbling in experimental taxidermy to his groundbreaking research into the mysterious ways of the bumblebee and his mission to protect our rarest bees.

    Once commonly found in the marshes of Kent, the short-haired bumblebee is now extinct in the UK, but still exists in the wilds of New Zealand, descended from a few queen bees shipped over in the nineteenth century. A Sting in the Tale tells the story of Goulson's passionate drive to reintroduce it to its native land and contains groundbreaking research into these curious creatures, history's relationship with the bumblebee, the disastrous effects intensive farming has had on our bee populations and the potential dangers if we are to continue down this path.

  • In A Buzz in the Meadow Goulson tells the story of how he bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together with 33 acres of surrounding meadow and how, over a decade, he has created a place for his beloved bumblebees to thrive. But other creatures live there too, myriad insects of every kind, many of them ones that Goulson has studied before in his career as a biologist. You will learn about how a deathwatch beetle finds its mate, about the importance of houseflies, why butterflies have spots on their wings, about dragonfly sex, bed-bugs and wasps. Goulson is brilliant, and very funny, at showing how scientists actually conduct experiments.

    The book is also a wake-up call, urging us to cherish and protect life on earth in all its forms. Goulson has that rare ability to persuade you to go out into your garden or local park and get down on your hands and knees and look. The undiscovered glory that is life in all its forms on planet Earth is there to be discovered. And if we learn to value what we have, perhaps we will find a way to keep it.

    A Sting in the Tale, Dave Goulson's account of a lifetime studying bumblebees, was one of the most gratifying success stories of 2013. Brilliantly reviewed, it was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for the best non-fiction book of the year. A Buzz in the Meadow is another call to arms for nature lovers everywhere.

  • Anglais Bee Quest

    Dave Goulson

    A hunt for the world's most elusive bees leads Dave Goulson from Salisbury plain to Sussex hedgerows, from Poland to Patagonia. Whether he is tracking great yellow bumblebees in the Hebrides or chasing orchid bees through the Ecuadorian jungle, Dave Goulson's wit, humour and deep love of nature make him the ideal travelling companion. But perhaps Bee Quest is most fascinating when Dave Goulson explores closer to home, amongst the secret places hidden right under our noses: the abandoned industrial estates where great crested newts roam; or the rewilded estate at Knepp Castle, where, with the aid of some hairy, bluebell-eating Tamworth pigs, nightingale song has been heard for the first time in generations.This utterly charming book will inspire you to think about the ways in which we are all responsible for the future of our world. Through his scientific expertise and passion for conservation, Goulson shows us nature's resilience against the odds, and that beauty hides in the most surprising places.