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The future of both humans and Oankali rests in one young being's hands...The electrifying and unputdownable Imago is the final novel in the Xenogenesis trilogy by the 'grand dame of science fiction' and Hugo, Locus and Nebula award-winning author Octavia E. Butler. Imago is sure to enthral fans of Naomi Alderman's The Power and thrilling blockbusters Black Panther and Ready Player One. '[Her] evocative, often troubling, novels explore far-reaching issues of race, sex, power and, ultimately, what it means to be human' New York Times 'Butler is among the best of contemporary sci-fi writers' Houston Post The trilogy concludes as Jodahs seeks the one thing the Oankali's amazing science cannot provide... a miracle.Child of the Earth and stars, Jodahs can shapeshift, heal the maimed, cure cancer ... and create contagion with every breath. The child is an ooloi, a being beyond gender, born with the alien Oankali power to mix pure DNA within its body. But Jodahs is also the first ooloi born to a human mother, and its destiny is unknown. The futures if both humans and Oankali rest in one young being's successful metamorphosis into adulthood.Jodahs can become a mad, living plague - or a bridge of peace. Its challenge is to reconcile its galactic heritage of gene trading with the rage of a people facing a terrifying dilemma. For human children will inherit the universe only if they lose all that makes them human.What readers are saying about IMAGO: 'The interweaving of alien and human concepts, feelings and beliefs are marvellously written, pulling you further into the story''Such a unique story. If you want fresh and different you will love this trilogy''The creativity with which Butler creates her worlds is astounding. I just get lost in them'

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