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Eat Right for Blood Type AB is a portable and personal blood type guide to staying healthy and achieving your ideal weight. Different blood types mean different body chemistries. Eating foods which can be easily processed by your blood type can help lose weight and ward off illness, as well as giving you bags of energy. Carry this handy checklist with you wherever you go so that you can make the right food choices in the supermarket, while eating out or on holiday. With complete listings of what's right for Type AB in all of the main food, drink and supplement categories, you can avoid putting on those extra pounds or feeling sluggish from eating the wrong things. Soon you'll be on your way to developing the perfect prescription plan for your blood type with Eat Right for Blood Type AB.Dr Peter J. D'Adamo is a renowned naturopathic physician, researcher, and lecturer. Chosen as a Physician of the Year in 1990 by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr D'Adamo is also the founder of The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and frequently contributes articles to medical journals.Catherine Whitney has co-written many bestselling books on health and medicine.

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